Bruce Barnwood Living by Mark Bowe

The Vintage Charm of a Barnwood Floor Designed for Today’s Lifestyle

Exclusively designed and curated for Bruce by popular home improvement TV star, Mark Bowe of Barnwood Builders. His inspiration for the line comes from the timeworn character of reclaimed barnwood that he uses to build homes across the country.

Hear more about how Bruce brings Bowe’s inspiration alive.

Room Scene of Chocolate Brown Lincoln Flooring

Every Style Has a Story

Part of the appeal of reclaimed barnwood flooring is that every piece represents a story and history of its origin, the Barnwood Living Collection is no exception.

Click on each video below to hear Mark’s inspiration for the color.


Red Oak hardwood flooring reminiscent of the foot worn floors from pioneer cabins that Mark Bowe has restored throughout Lincoln County West Virginia.

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Every hardwood floor in the Barnwood Living collection is crafted with care in Bruce’s hardwood plant in Randolph County, West Virginia, whose name was given to this timeless chocolate brown hue – a favorite among the factory staff.

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In 1785, Mark Bowe’s ancestors built the first log church in Monroe County, West Virginia and Mark honors that history with a design based on its hardwood floors.

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The manufacturing heritage of Jefferson County in the West Virginia panhandle inspired this boldly textured industrial chic look that uses hickory solid hardwood.

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In the coal fields of Wyoming County, West Virginia, there’s an old company store whose floors have been trod on by the dusty boots of generations of miners, wearing it to the same rich patina as this style.

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A place where natural and industrial history live side by side, Mineral County, West Virginia lends its name to this ruggedly textured hardwood floor whose deep gray-brown color represents the interaction of metal and wood.

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Warm taupe reminiscent of the refined solid oak hardwood floors from the barns Mark has taken down in Hampshire County, West Virginia, where he mills them down and makes them new again.

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Oak solid hardwood with hints of antiqued gray over a soft brown bring to mind the stones and sediment at the bottom of the crystal clear streams found throughout West Virginia.

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Mark created this color to evoke the warm tones and subtle texture of Summers County’s Sandstone Falls, one of his favorite places in West Virginia.

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Mark created this soft parchment color over the refined grain of White Oak to evoke hardwood flooring with the fresh air and open spaces of the West Virginia county Greenbrier where he calls home.

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The Versatility of Wood

These hardwood floors are not only for craftsmen like Mark, but also for homeowners who appreciate products that are authentic and familiar, that are handcrafted, and create a warm ambience and a unique feeling of ‘home’.

Listen to Mark’s recommendations for designing your perfect space with the Barnwood Living Collection.

Mark’s Tips for Designing with Hardwood Flooring
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Real Wood, Real Character, Real Value

The Barnwood Living™ collection by Mark Bowe from Bruce celebrate American Craftsmanship! Every hardwood floor in our collection is crafted with care in West Virginia. That’s the story of real American hardwood.

Listen to why Mark always recommends real hardwood floors for a home.

Why Choose Real Hardwood?
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Behind the Scenes Of The Partnership

The Bruce product development team worked closely with Mark Bowe to develop the solid hardwood collection that is representative of the wood he uses to restore barns and cabins.

The collection is also manufactured in the USA in Mark’s home state of West Virginia which is also the location of Bruce’s solid hardwood plant.