Why Wood?

The Origins of Barnwood Living™ by Mark Bowe and Bruce Hardwood Flooring

The Barnwood Living™ collection by Mark Bowe from Bruce celebrates American Craftsmanship! Every hardwood floor in our collection is crafted with care in West Virginia. Real wood, real character, real value. That’s the story of real American hardwood.

Real Wood, Real Character, Real Value

When a client asks Mark what type of floor they should put in their new home, he always says a real hardwood floor. Here’s why:

  • It’s authentic.

    The natural beauty of hardwood never goes out of style. Every hardwood floor in the Barnwood Living™ collection was crafted with care in West Virginia.

  • It has character.

    Every piece of hardwood is crafted by nature. It will age gracefully along with you, developing a unique character.

  • It’s sustainable.

    Hardwood flooring does not contribute to the world’s growing plastic waste crisis because it’s a renewable resource.

  • It’s going to add value to your house.

    The lifespan of a hardwood floor can exceed 100 years, making it a tremendous investment value.

“There’s nothing else better than a real, genuine hardwood floor.” – Mark Bowe

Listen to Mark share his thoughts on why real hardwood floors are your best choice.

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