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Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floors

Bruce flooring has stood the test of time since 1884 due, in part, to our commitment to act responsibly and with integrity in every aspect of our business.

This commitment to sustainability extends to our customers through every product we sell, the people in our company and communities where we work, and improving the environment.

5 Reasons Hardwood is a Sustainable Choice

  • Hardwood helps insulate the home – lowering your energy costs.

  • Hardwood is environmentally friendly and do not contribute to growing plastic waste crisis.

  • Hardwood is a renewable resource – growing twice as fast as it’s being harvested.

  • Hardwood is biodegradable, which means less landfill waste.

  • Hardwood is long-lasting and recyclable.

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Sustainable Flooring Guide

In this guide, we’ll explain why wood flooring is one of the more sustainable flooring options for your home.

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Green Products & Practices

As part of the certifications and programs below, our manufacturing processes, supply chain, and chemical sources are verified and audited.

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