Solid Hardwood Flooring

It Never Goes Out of Style

Some flooring options are trendy — they come and go. But not wood flooring, and particularly solid hardwood flooring. It’s timeless. And why not? It offers so much to homeowners. Consider its durability. Solid hardwood flooring can last a lifetime with proper care. So when another flooring has come and gone, you’ll still be enjoying your real hardwood. And caring for solid wood floors isn’t that difficult; a little sweeping and dry mopping keeps them looking fresh. Then there’s the resale value. Solid hardwood floors commonly improve resale as buyers prefer homes with hardwoods. So, what’s not to like?

Solid Hardwood Floors


Our solid hardwood flooring planks are constructed from a single piece of 100% solid wood, made in the USA with the finest craftsmanship, and sourced mostly from the Appalachian region (hardwood there is prized for its stability, consistent color and refined grain). Many homeowners are drawn to a Bruce® solid hardwood floor for its enduring durability, the value it adds, and of course, how amazing it looks in their homes. 

Solid hardwood flooring is one of two types of flooring solutions we offer. The other type is engineered hardwood, which has a layered construction with top layer featuring real hardwood veneer. It’s equally durable and stylish.

Hardwood Flooring Options

Natural Beauty

Bruce offers a variety of hardwood floors, each with its own character and natural beauty. We start with tried and true performers like oak, red, maple, and hickory, so you know you’re getting a hardwood that holds up to life’s daily rigors. And we offer them in various grades for different performance levels.

We also include different plank widths to fit your style. Narrow, strip planks lend a traditional and formal appearance to your home. Once installed, the narrow planks offer a streamlined and neat look. Narrow planks can also help to make smaller rooms appear larger and longer.

On the other hand, wide plank wood floors can create a modern and stylish atmosphere or capture a more rustic appeal, depending on your style. In addition, they look great in larger areas where the planks can fully be seen, allowing them to be appreciated thoroughly.

In addition, each hardwood reflects different graining and appearances. For example, Oak flooring, the most popular, has a prominent grain that draws your eye to your hardwood floor. However, maple flooring has a soft grain that gives it an airy appeal, great for contemporary homes.



It holds up to style changes.

As mentioned, hardwood floors never go out of style, so you can enjoy them for a long time. If you ever get tired of the color or feel that your floors are showing wear, you can sand and refinish hardwood floors multiple times to keep them looking great.

Our hardwood floors are made in the USA

We construct our wood flooring from Appalachian-sourced hickory, oak and maple. Bruce® solid hardwood flooring uses only the hardest wood species, giving it greater dent resistance. So, your floors will last longer and look better.

We finish it with protective powers.

All our flooring options include a protective finish to shield planks from wear. Our toughest products, coated in aluminum oxide, offer maximum scratch resistance that let them withstand high traffic.

Installing Hardwood Floors


  1. Keep it above ground. Solid hardwood floors look and perform best when there’s no potential for moisture. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend you install hardwood in basements (or bathrooms or laundry rooms). However, they look awesome in first or second-floor spaces like family rooms, dining areas, kitchens and bedrooms.

  2. Installation can be challenging. Hardwood flooring is secured to the subfloor with nails, staples or glue. A really experienced DIYer might be up for the challenge, but in general we suggest hiring a pro so you know the job gets done right. After all, you’re making an investment, so you want the best installation possible.

  3. Budget for the other stuff. As with any hardwood floor installation, don’t forget to account for wood molding and trim, old floor removal, subfloor repairs and tools.

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