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Specially formulated Bruce floor cleaners protect your floor’s natural shine and make caring for your hardwood floor easy.

Clean, Maintain, and Protect Your Investment with Bruce Floor Cleaner

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The appealing warmth and beauty of a Bruce hardwood floor enriches your home and serves as a source of pride. The craftsmanship that goes into each board guarantees a floor that will give you many years of enjoyment with a minimum of care. To keep your hardwood floor looking like new, follow a regular cleaning routine using Bruce floor cleaning products. They’re specially formulated to protect your floor’s natural shine, character, and quality. Plus, they make caring for your floor easy.

Follow this simple cleaning routine to keep your hardwood floor looking its best.

Essential Hardwood Floor Cleaning Steps

Weekly touch-up – Vacuum, sweep, or dust mop your floor once a week or more, if needed, to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and grit that can gradually scratch and dull your floor's lustrous finish. When your floor looks dirty, spray it with Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. The ready-to-use, rinse-free formula dissolves dirt from the surface without leaving streaks or film. Trigger spray application is great for spot cleaning as well as large areas.

Thorough cleaning – Sometime your hardwood floor needs a thorough cleaning. Tackle the tough dirt or big cleaning jobs with the Bruce floor cleaning system. The kit contains all the tools you need for easy cleaning: 32 oz. spray cleaner, large telescoping mop, and absorbent terry cloth mop cover. The swivel-head mop reaches conveniently under furniture and appliances. Mop cover is reversible, washable, and reusable.

Rejuvenate and restore – Bruce Fresh Finish restores the beauty of your floor in high traffic areas that start to show signs of wear. Apply Fresh Finish to prefinished urethane hardwood floors for a long-lasting shine that adds new life, while protecting your floor from nicks and scratches. It’s also a great alternative to re-sanding and re-coating. Use for spot treatment or all over.

In addition to following a regular cleaning routine using Bruce floor cleaners, take the time to read your hardwood floor warranty and care guide. There you’ll find preventive maintenance do’s and don’ts, along with quick-fix tips, to help you protect your flooring investment.

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