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Pet-Friendly Flooring from Bruce

When choosing a floor, make sure it can stand up to daily life with your pets.


You love your pet, right? They're like another member of the family. But unless you have a perfectly trained pet, there will be times when they don't mind their manners, like when they run and romp on your floors and furniture, chew on pillows and drapes, poo where they shouldn't, spill their water bowls, or shed everywhere.

You don't need to keep your pet locked in the mudroom or laundry room to protect your floors. You just need to choose floors that are durable and easy to clean. Learn more about the Bruce hardwood and laminate floors below that both you and your pets can live with.


Yes, there are pet friendly hardwood floors, but you have to choose your flooring wisely and take a few simple precautions after the floor is installed. First, look for hardwood floors that have a mid-range or higher hardness rating. Red oak or white oak, hickory, walnut, and pecan are domestic species that have very good hardness ratings, while exotic woods like Brazilian cherry and acacia are among the most durable hardwoods available.

You may also want to consider floors with a sculpted or scraped texture. A surface texture will help hide scratches, nicks, and indentations. These floors offer a rustic appearance that can work well with both traditional and contemporary room designs. The finish is important too. Many Bruce hardwood floors have the Dura-Luster® Plus urethane finish with aluminum oxide crystals that provides exceptional durability and abrasion resistance.

Once your floor is installed, you'll need to sweep or vacuum once a week to remove pet hair. Make sure to wipe up spills as soon as they happen, and we recommend getting your pets' nails trimmed regularly as an extra precaution.

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The Legacy Manor hardwood collection from Bruce is distinguished by its bold hand-scraped design with random, striking surface impressions. These beautiful floors combine rustic charm with casual comfort. It has an engineered wood construction and comes with a 25-year finish warranty.

*Highly recommended as a pet friendly floor by Bruce.

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The Frontier hardwood collection features two distinct hand-scraped looks in two different species: hickory and birch. The hickory hardwood series offers a rustic scrape on 5"-wide planks. The birch hand-scraped series has a softer, more subtle scrape on 5"-wide planks. All of the floors in this collection have an engineered wood structure and carry a 25-year residential warranty.

*Highly recommended as a pet friendly floor by Bruce.

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It's easy to choose a pet-friendly laminate floor from Bruce because all of our laminate floors are designed to look beautiful and stand up to the normal activities of busy families and busy families with pets. With laminate, you can enjoy floors that you don't have to worry or obsess over. They're designed for easy living.

To find the right pet-friendly flooring for your home, start with the style you want, for example: exotic, rustic, weathered wood, or natural stone, then choose the level of performance that matches your lifestyle: Premium, Best, and Good.

  • Premium: 12mm thickness, a thicker core for a more substantial feel, and the longest warranties
  • Best: 8mm thickness, wide plank widths and beveled edges, 30-year warranty
  • Good: 7mm thickness, G3™ Wear Layer for scratch and scuff resistance, 20-year warranty

Whichever laminate floor you choose as your pet-friendly floor, you'll be happy to hear that it's easy to clean. That's the beauty of laminate! Just sweep or vaccum as needed to get rid of pet fur and dirt and clean your floor regularly with products like Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. And don't forget to wipe up spills from the dog's water bowl right away!

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The popular Architectural Salvage collection offers the reclaimed wood looks that many homeowners love. These floors resemble the type of floor you might find in an old warehouse or factory, with embossed textures and low gloss for realism. All of the floors in this collection install with the Lock&Fold method, the easiest installation system, and carry a 50-year residential warranty.

*Highly recommended as a pet friendly floor by Bruce.

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Do you prefer the look of stone over wood? The Gardenstone collection takes its visual inspiration from the sunny, coastal villages of Spain and California. These floors offer the subtle textures and realistic colors of natural stone. Gardenstone is installed using the Bruce® Lock system, which creates a seamless appearance. The residential warranty on these floors is 30 years.

*Highly recommended as a pet friendly floor by Bruce.

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