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Why you’ll love laminate for your home: realistic designs, easy care, durability, and DIY installation.


Auburn Spice Hickory Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a popular, versatile type of flooring. It’s known for its long-lasting durability and for its ability to closely mimic the look and texture of real wood or stone. You can install laminate on every level of your home – including basements.

Looks and Texture

Sophisticated technology allows manufacturers to create virtually any type of look for your floor. While wood, stone, and tile are standard, the newest laminate floors offer exciting visuals in expensive or hard-to-get materials like reclaimed wood, exotic wood, aged metals, precast cement, and custom hardwood looks.

Advanced embossing techniques add textures to the surface of laminate flooring, to make it look and feel more realistic.

Easy Care

Laminate is one of the easiest floors to clean and maintain. Unlike hardwood or stone, it doesn’t require special care. That’s one of the reasons busy homeowners like laminate – it suits their lifestyle. Just vacuum, mop, and go.

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Everything You Want

With laminate, you get stylish designs, easy maintenance, and excellent wear and stain resistance. It’s the flooring that gives you everything you want at an affordable price.

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About Bruce Laminate Flooring

“Come on in. Make yourself at home” might be the tagline for laminate flooring. It’s a comfortable floor that’s designed to stand up to the demands of a busy family.

High traffic, high heels, pet nails, work boots, and dropped china are no match for a quality laminate floor. The ultra-durability comes from the finish and the way laminate flooring is made.


Laminate floors are typically constructed in 4 layers:

  • Wear layer – contains aluminum oxide in the finish to protect the floor from stains, fading, and wear
  • Image design layer – highly detailed photographic image of wood or stone
  • Inner core layer – provides structural strength and stability
  • Backing layer – creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping
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Interactive Bruce Flooring Installation Guide

Laminate floors are easy to install – even if you’re a beginner DIYer. All you need are basic handyman skills and DIY tools like a carpenter’s square, tapping block, and pull bar.

Laminate planks are made with tongue-and-groove edges that snap together using patented Lock&Fold® Installation Technology. Lock&Fold is the fastest and easiest installation system available. Perfect for DIY installations, it requires no glue or nails – simply lock and fold.

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Hiring a Professional

If you’re comfortable with home improvement projects, you can install your laminate floor yourself. One thing to keep in mind – you’ll need to pay careful attention to the flooring design as the floor is being installed. It’s best to lay out the floor first to ensure you have the look you want before actually installing the planks or tiles.

When deciding whether to hire a professional, consider the cost, the time involved, and the results you want. A flooring contractor will deliver professional results and save you time. He’ll also be responsible for installation issues if they develop later.


What You’ll Love… But…
Laminate offers beautiful visuals in traditional looks like hardwoods and stones, and non-traditional materials, like reclaimed wood and weathered metal. Expect design repeats because laminate is a man-made product. For the best results, lay out the planks or tiles first to get the look you want before installing.
Durability Laminate can’t be refinished – although you can replace individual planks.
Family-friendly Make sure to wipe up any spills right away.
Easy care There are no “buts”! Laminate is one of the easiest floors to clean and maintain.
DIY installation Make sure to follow the instructions to create a natural-looking visual. Also, use the recommended underlayment or your floor may sound hollow.
Can be installed on every level of your home Take special precautions when installing in full bathrooms or rooms with high humidity.
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